How to increase your network of contacts

There are four main ways of increasing your network of contacts, by using the contacts search facility, invite a friend or colleague, members you may know and through your current network of members.

Using the contacts search facility

You can use the contact search at any stage while browsing the website. The Contact search is always located in the right hand side bar towards the top.

By simply typing in the name of a physician or colleague you wish wish to be connected too, you can then search the Medical Buzz network. This search facility only searches by name please be sure to use correct spelling.

Once you have performed the search a list of possible contacts will appear (see screen shot below) you can then add them to your network by clicking "add to my network" or if you still can't find the person you wish to connect to then you can perform another search or send them an email invite.

Invite a friend or a colleague

You can use the invite button at any stage while browsing the website. The invite button is always located in the right hand side bar towards the top.

By clicking invite you are able to send an email invitation to a friend or colleague who are not already a member of Medical Buzz .

Members you may know

Medical Buzz will show you a selection of members who you may know, these will appear in the right hand bar and refreshes on each page.

You can view the members profile at any time by clicking on the name, this will take you to the members profile. When viewing the profile you can click the "add to my network" button at the bottom of the page to add them to your network.

Through your current network

Another way to increase your network is by viewing members who your contacts have in there network.

You can do this by viewing you contact using the "My Contacts" in the right hand bar which is shown throughout the website or the contacts tab at the top of the page.

If you click on a contacts profile then you will be able to see there contacts, if you then click on a profile you can use the "Add to my network" button to send a network request.